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If you are interested in applying for an OCA tuition assistance award for next school year, please follow the instructions listed below. Be sure to read to the end of this page.

OCA has partnered with FACTS, the nation’s leading provider of tuition payment plans and grant/aid assessment services, to assess the financial need of tuition assistance applicants. To apply, you must first “Sign In” or “Create an Account.” There is a $30 annual fee per family to submit an application via the FACTS system. This amount is paid to FACTS and is not refundable.

Complete the online questionnaire. When asked to select a school, choose Omaha Christian Academy from the drop down menu. Upon completing the questionnaire, you will be instructed to either fax or upload your financial documents. Please contact FACTS (866) 412.4637 directly if you need assistance with this process.

All tuition assistance applications must be submitted by May 1st. Please allow 10 business days from the time you upload all supporting financial documents for the FACTS system to verify your application. To be considered, your application must be complete and verified by May 15th. Incomplete applications or applications submitted after this date will not be considered.

Complete and return necessary registration forms along with registration fees to the school office by May 15th. If you do not receive an award or the award is insufficient, your registration fee will be refunded upon request. Only registered students will be considered for tuition assistance. Please contact the school office to request registration forms.

All eligible tuition assistance applications will be reviewed by OCA’s tuition assistance committee no later than early June. Letters will be sent to all applicants in mid-June. The letter will notify applicants if they have been awarded tutition assistance, the amount of the award and OCA’s requirements for acceptance. Awards must be accepted or declined by the designated date using the Acceptance Form enclosed with the letter.

Tuition assistance will be awarded each June for the entire school year. No new tuiton assistance will be awarded mid-term.

Awards are for tuition only and do not apply to school fees and book purchases.

Awards are not transferable to any other school or school year.

Award includes multi-child awards where applicable. The award amount will be recalculated should a child (or children) from a single family withdraw or transfer while others remain enrolled at OCA.

The total amount OCA is able to offer in tuition assistance awards fluctuates from year to year. Therefore, current assistance recipients must reapply each year and are not guaranteed an award in subsequent years. Additionally, tuition assistance award amounts are not guaranteed to remain the same each year.

Applications by current families will only be considered if the family’s tuition account is in good standing.

All tuition assistance recipients will be evaluated mid-term to determine if they are in good standing.

Each student receiving an award will be required to write or draw an anonymous thank you note.

Students in 4th grade and above must maintain a 2.0 GPA each semester to maintain their award.

Please call the school office if you have any questions regarding this process.

                                        ADDITIONAL TUITION ASSISTANCE

Tuition Assitance awards are based on financial need and will not exceed 50% of the tuition total. Lower income families may be eligible for additional tuition assistance made available by Children’s Scholarship Fund (CSF). Please review the eligibility criteria here. If eligible, please contact us via the following email: office@ocamail.org to request an application form. CSF scholarships are awarded on a lottery system. If you receive an award from CSF, you may deduct the amount of your award from the tuition amount you are responsible for paying.


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