We invite you to apply for a job at OCA!

Please review the job descriptions below and submit an application. 

Current Job Openings (scroll for details):

– Teachers
– Development Director
– Facilities Manager
– Food Service Manager

Benefits of working at OCA:

– Competitive Salary (varies based on candidates experience and skills)
– Health insurance
– Discount for children attending OCA
– Positive, Christian work environment
– Friendly and dedicated team
– Ability to impact the next generation with a Biblical worldview and Christian values


  • 1st Grade Teacher
  • 3rd Grade Teacher
  • 4-5-6th Grade Science Teacher
  • Middle School Science Teacher
  • Middle School Language Arts Teacher
  • Middle School Math Teacher
  • Family Consumer Science Teacher
  • K-12 P.E. Teacher
  • H.S. Social Science Teacher
  • Guidance Counselor

*Download and fill out the teacher application, statement of faith, and release of records and email it to Mrs. Krehbiel (principal) at


The Development Director of Omaha Christian Academy is tasked with overseeing all aspects of the school’s fundraising activities.  The Development Director will create and execute plans for the solicitation and stewardship of gifts raised as non-tuition income.  The Development Director’s primary responsibility is to generate revenue for the school budget.  

Essential Job Responsibilities: 

  1. Develop a marketing strategy, consistent with school vision and mission.  Works closely with Principal to engage existing donors and identify new mission partners.   
  2. Manage the donor database currently in use, and create a plan for maximizing its effectiveness.  
  3. Work with Principal on the creation of a comprehensive fundraising plan, in accordance with school vision and mission.  Development Director offers advice on plan execution and strategies.  Once created, Development Director is responsible for executing all aspects of the plan.  

Specific duties: 

  1. Manage special events, especially Fall and Spring fundraisers.  
  2. Design and implement a development strategy for target constituencies such as alumni, parents, prior and existing families, and volunteers.  
  3. Oversee the development budget.  
  4. Research potential donors, especially family foundations, and identify a strategy for submitting proposals.
  5. Coordinate with Principal on external communications associated with the school, including press releases for various school events.
  6. Assist the Principal in promoting a unified image of the school through public relations, promotion and printed material to market the school and its mission. 
  7. Plan, design and implement a comprehensive program of information tracking, including the storage of information, data viewing, access and reporting, and retrieval and segmentation for the school’s development programs. 
  8. Coordinate with the Business Manager the policies and procedures for receipting, acknowledgements, reporting, solicitation and pledge management to ensure efficient and effective flow of information into and out of the development office.  
  9. Coordinate all fundraising activities, at the Principal’s discretion, to ensure that all solicitations are appropriate and timely, specifically in regard to major gift prospects.  
  10. Follow up on all referrals and responses to marketing efforts in a timely manner. 
  11. Build strong relationships with the community, churches, businesses and foundations. 
  12. Create a planned giving strategy, and identify prospective donors to approach.  
  13. Complete and maintain contact reports on the outcomes of contacts.  
  14. Coordinate with the Principal for the production of all printed materials needed to inform donors of the need for non-tuition income. 
  15. Along with the Principal, oversee web content and information dissemination.  
  16. Represent the school at all times, personally and professionally. 
  17. Demonstrates the following qualities: 
    1. Accepts responsibility
    2. Represents OCA, and Christ, in all their communications 
    3. Listens effectively 
    4. Is open to the ideas of others
    5. Presents himself/herself professionally at all times
    6. Uses sound judgment, evaluates objectively, treats others fairly 
  18. Other duties as assigned, or determined, by the Principal

Qualifications and Expertise: 

  1. A bachelor’s degree from a 4-year college or university. 
  2. 3-5 years of experience in development at a non-profit or in a school setting. 
  3. Excellent communication skills, verbal and written. 
  4. Knowledge and ability to use all office technology, and computer literate.  
  5. Proven ability to prepare and deliver public presentations. 
  6. A self-starter with creative and innovative ability. 
  7. Organizational and time management skills. 
  8. Able to maintain confidentiality and work with discretion where appropriate. 
  9. Foremost, a Christian believer (as defined by the OCA Board of Trustees) who subscribes without reservation to the school’s mission.

*Download and fill out the staff application, statement of faith, and release of records and email it to the John Parsons (Director of Operations) at


The Facilities Manager is responsible for:  

  1. Building Cleaning and Maintenance
    1. Routinely check the cafeteria for cleanliness, especially on Chapel Day (Wednesdays); and do the same with the hallways. 
    2. Empty trash, usually at the end of the day, but also as needed.  
    3. Bathroom upkeep, through cleaning and stocking products. 
    4. Maintain a neat appearance in the hallways, including glass cleaning and wiping up messes that appear from time to time.  
    5. Replace light bulbs, and/or ceiling tiles, as needed.
    6. Inspect and replace air filters on quarterly basis.  
  2. Janitorial Supplies
    1. Order and stock the supply room. 
    2. Fill out purchase orders, submit to Principal for written approval. 
    3. Ensure that all dispensers remain full or with sufficient product 
  3. Outside Grounds 
    1. Responsible for oversight on mowing & landscaping school grounds 
    2. During winter months, ensuring snow and ice removed and that driveways and walkways remain clear and safe
  4. Licenses, permits & inspections
    1. Schedule necessary inspections and ensure school is compliant with all state and local regulations  
  5. Vehicles and Transportation
    1. Maintain school vans and bus, and/or manage needed maintenance 
    2. If licensed, serve as a bus driver to day-school activities (field trips, etc.) 
  6. Special events 
    1. Prepare the gym for home games/activities, and ensure that the gym has been cleaned after the game; this includes maintaining the gym floor on a regular basis.  (Works with Athletic Director on this item.)  
    2. For other events, this position helps set-up for activities in the cafeteria, or in classrooms, and prepares the building for use on the following days. 
  7. Strategic Planning 
    1. Assess future building needs and coordinate with Director of Operations on the most efficient ways to resolve potential maintenance issues  
  8. COVID-19
    1. Understand the current guidelines for safety and works with management to ensure that all regulatory mandates are followed, documented and maintained.  
  9. Meet regularly with the Director of Operations to evaluate needs and concerns.

*Download and fill out the staff application, statement of faith, and release of records and email it to the John Parsons (Director of Operations) at


This position is part-time during the school year, approximately August 15 thru May 31.

During the summer, there may be an occasional need for maintenance of kitchen equipment or preparation for the school year.

The Food Service Manager is responsible for: 

I. Food Service Responsibilities

A. Oversee Food Service

1. Monitor food handling practices (Handwashing, temps, etc.)
2. Provide menus to the office
3. Place the orders with Westside Food Service
4. Order Milk/Juice
5. Deliver lunch to students and staff on a daily basis.
6. Handle all lunch ticket orders, charges and report income to the office.
7. Purchase ala carte
8. Report via purchase order system of all accounts payable for hot lunch and ala carte purchases.
9. Order materials, consumable and non-consumable for the food service using the PO system.
10. Stock staff lounge with non-consumables, as needed.

B. Coordinate volunteers as needed

II. Food Service Duties
A. Oversee and maintain all areas of the kitchen
B. Evaluate program yearly.
C. Train support staff in new techniques/legal requirements.

III. Federal/State – Free/Reduced lunch program
A. Authorized person to apply for Fed/State lunch program and sign all communications
B. Authorized person to verify & sign all monthly and annual reports with State
C. Distribute applications to all school families
D. Receive & process applications.
E. Maintain daily counts.
F. Annual verification of applications
G Provide financial information to bookkeeper.
H. File monthly reports with the State.

IV. Reporting Relationships
A. This position reports to the Director of Operations.

*Download and fill out the staff application, statement of faith, and release of records and email it to the John Parsons (Director of Operations) at