What is the Eagles Club?

Eagles Club is OCA’s parent/teacher association. It is a group of OCA parents who desire to get involved and support the mission of OCA. As members of the Eagles Club, parents are agents for connection, engagement and inspiration for the entire OCA family.

When does the Eagles Club meet?

The Eagles Club meets about every other month at 6:30 PM in the cafeteria. Childcare is available in the gymnasium.

How do I contact the Eagles Club?

E-mail: eaglesclub@ocamail.org

How do I learn about and sign up for volunteer opportunities?

Visit: http://signup.com/go/GgofQkQ

What activities do the Eagles Club participate in?

  • Support the school activities and sports
  • Foster a positive culture/atmosphere at OCA
  • Create and communicate ways of helping to support OCA teachers
  • Implement “random acts of kindness” to bless OCA teachers and staff
  • Encourage attendance and involvement in arts and athletic activities
  • And so much more!